2022 Campground Industry Trends

With fewer people taking international trips, the campground industry has quickly evolved. Here are our predictions for the 2022 season. 

Length of Stay at One Campground

There are going to be two main types of campers – those that book short stays at many different campgrounds and those that book longer stays that have the freedom to work from anywhere. 

The shorter stay group or “weekenders” are made up of people who were previously taking trips further away but are now staying closer to home. This group may not have previously enjoyed camping but they like the idea of getting away from their day to day routine. Having some of the comforts of home like quality washrooms and a convenience store is important. 

The longer stay group will likely be the type who have previously enjoyed the outdoors but now have remote work opportunities. Having access to wifi while also being able to enjoy the outdoors is key. 

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Camper Demographics

In 2021 reports showed that  couples with kids were made up 64% of campers and for 21% of people it was their first time camping. Of this 20% of first time campers 60% identified as non-white and over half of first time campers being either Gen-Z or Millennials. Source

Have Children
0 %
Camped for the first time
0 %
Gen-Z or Millennials
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What To Expect For Your Campground

With more first time campers and camping being geared to a younger age demographic we are going to see more focus on comfort amenities and higher end Glamping style resorts. An indoor community space along with wifi are predicted to be two top features that campers are looking for. New camping locations will also start to pop up such as renting private land or vineyards. 

The campers looking for a new experience will also be searching online, looking at reviews and photos of your campsite. Campgrounds should take note now and work on adding photos and requesting reviews from past campers. 

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Campers Edit Their Own Bookings

What may be the most interesting prediction is campers wanting a sense of control over their trip. The ability to change it on the fly if their plans change or restrictions require it will be key. Many remember the headache of waiting on hold for multiple hours with an air line trying to get a refund in March of 2020. Allowing campers full control to modify their bookings as needed will be key to campground success. See how Let’s Camp lets your campers take control of their bookings. 

Campsite listing

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