8 Questions your campers have before they book at your campground

Do you know the questions your campers have before they make a booking? Sure, they likely ask you if you are taking bookings over the phone or by email. However, what if they just view your website to see if your campground makes the top of their list? If they’ve ruled your campground out before you even get a chance to answer their questions, you’ll be missing out on their booking revenue. Here are the top 8 questions your campers have before they even talk to you. 

Where is my site located on the campground?

Many campgrounds these days have maps to help identify where a campsite is located on the campground. However, all too frequently, these maps are hard to read with small print or poorly designed icons. You also have to consider that many of your campers will be searching on their mobile device. Your map text may be large enough on a desktop, but potential campers may struggle to browse from their phone. 

Campers want to know if they will be close to all of the action or in a quieter spot near the edge of your campground. Make sure you are including your campgrounds amenities like pools or playgrounds as applicable. 

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Can I pull my RV in?

New RV users and those with larger rigs will find it beneficial to know what pull-through sites are and which need to be backed into. By letting your campers view your map and having this information posted ahead of time, you campers will know what site they want to book come booking day. 

What hookups does the site have?

Do some of your sites have full hookups, while others are just electric or no hookups? Again, letting campers know which sites have what resources will help them narrow down the place they want before booking day. 

How can I pay for my site?

Traditionally, campgrounds have been a primarily cash business. However, online booking and easier access to payment providers on-site have opened up the possibilities for campgrounds. If your campground is limited to cash-only payments, be sure to make it clear, or you’ll end up with some unhappy campers. You should also note what payment methods are available if you have a tuck shop or concession. 

What is included in the accommodation fee?

Since campgrounds have a wide variety of amenities, it is not consistent with what is included in each site. You also should consider that what is typical for your region may not be typical somewhere else. And with the nature of campgrounds being travel destinations, you shouldn’t be surprised when someone from another area shows up. The top items of conflict are firewood, shower facilities and wifi access. With Let’s Camp, you can let campers add these items along with their booking to clear up what they will be getting with their stay. 

What activities are there for kids?

Since over 70% of campers travel with children, it is important to note any child-friendly activities. Do you have special classes or swimming lessons available? What about a playground or nature trail? Even if your campground doesn’t offer these activities, mentioning nearby towns will help recruit more parents to your campground.

What do others think of the campground?

These days people rely heavily on reviews from their peers to make a good decision about a product or service. You should set up a Google Business page to leave reviews if you haven’t already. Try a QR code for people to use as they check out your campground. If you do get any negative reviews, it is best to respond to them professionally and plan to remedy the situation. This shows others that you care about your camper’s experience. 

What is your refund policy?

With the uncertainty of travel plans these days, having a clear refund policy can help back up your campground. With Let’s Camp, campers can edit their bookings as needed if their plans change. All fee calculations will automatically be adjusted, so you have no additional work. 

We know that campers can have a ton of questions about your campground when booking a campsite. If you are thinking you need an easier solution visit join.letscamp.ca for more details. 


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