How to Generate More Bookings & Revenue with Let’s Camp

Over the last few years, our team has added many new features to our Let’s Camp reservation system to help our campgrounds generate more revenue. Oftentimes these features go overlooked and can be underutilized.

In this article, we’ve identified the top things campgrounds can do to help them generate more bookings and more revenue this season. Most of this stuff takes very little time to set up and the investment always yields a high return on investment. 

A few of the ideas in this article are things you may already be doing, but might contain some extra info that could add extra value to your bottom line.

Let’s dig in so you can learn how to keep your campground full this summer.

Compelling Images and Bio

This is by far the most underutilized way campgrounds on our platforms can help generate more bookings at their park.

Let’s start with your bio. Your bio should include compelling reasons why someone should camp with you. Highlight your top amenities, showcase any attractions you have, and make it personal. Create emotion in the camper reading it and make them want to book with you. A campground that does a good job of this is Lake Windermere Campground.

Next, let’s talk about your featured image. When people arrive at and start searching for a campground, you have a chance to make a great first impression. Your featured image should draw their attention and make them want to camp at your park. Don’t use your logo, an image of your map, or a low quality image as your featured image. If you don’t have a high quality, attractive image of your campground, go outside right now and take one.

Your photo gallery should also be packed full of high quality photos that induce emotion in the campers looking at them. Stray away from basic photos with little to no nature or don’t add any benefit for the potential guest.

Event Listings & Registrations

You can attract more campers to your park by showcasing events happening at your park. Not only do events that you post appear on your profile page, they also get listed on our public event listing page.

Not everyone camps just to sit around their campfire. If you don’t have anything going on at your park, organize something.

When adding events, make sure to use high quality images to help entice people to register.

Add Nearby Attractions

Similar to your bio and events, you can also list Nearby Attractions on your profile page. We have set up a special section on your profile to list attractions by category for your guests to see.

Campers want to know what they can do while they’re staying at your park, and the attractions section is where you can highlight the best things to do in your area. You can add a link to each attraction as well so guests can find out more about it.

Some common attractions people list are:

  • golf courses
  • event centres
  • museums
  • restaurants
  • and ice cream shops

Sell Add-ons

People can’t buy what they don’t know about. If your campground has items available to purchase such as firewood, ice, boat rentals, etc., create these products within your account and make them available as add-ons to your guests.

You can also add products to Let’s Camp that you don’t want guests to purchase on their own. These products can then be added to your bookings by your staff or sold through the Point of Sale within our software.

Did you know we also have conditional add-ons? These are perfect for stay-and-play packages. You can create a product that is only available if a guest stays a certain number of nights or books into a certain site type.

Promo Codes

Promotional codes can be used in a variety of ways to help you book more camping. You don’t need to have huge discounts to get people to buy. Just having some type of promo can attract new people to your park.

Some ideas for promos you can run include:

  • Early season booking
  • Flash sales
  • BOGO – buy one get one

Long Weekend Rules

The busiest weekends of the year at campgrounds, are holiday long weekends. With the extra day off, people flock to the park to get away.

Within Let’s Camp, make sure to set minimum booking lengths for your long weekend bookings. This will prevent someone from booking one night in a spot that will prevent someone else from booking the whole weekend. This fills your campground better, and helps you maximize your revenue.

and Don't Forget

Social media is an excellent way to share with the world how great your park is. Post pictures, short videos, and run contests on your social channels to help drive more traffic to your online booking page.

What's Coming Next

Our team is always working on adding new features to our software to help our customers get the most out of their park.

Here’s some of the most requested features campgrounds have asked for that we’re currently working on adding to our software in the near future:

  • Expanded Event options: Gather more details on each registration so campgrounds can set up swimming lesson or kids camp registrations
  • Gift cards: Sell gift cards to your park
  • More promo code options like early week promos and last minute codes
  • Site Lock fees
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • And much more


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