Month: January 2022

friends drinking wine by fire
For Campgrounds

2022 Campground Industry Trends

With fewer people taking international trips, the campground industry has quickly evolved. The time a camper stays at one campground, the type of people camping, and the ability for campers to change their own bookings are just a few of the shifts we will see this year.

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Best Practice

5 Tips To Improve Your Campers Experience

With over 5.7 million people going camping each year, it has become a highly competitive market. By taking online bookings, having a smooth check in process, asking for feedback, and offering more than just camping, your campground can stand out as a top destination.

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family walking on snowy path
For Campers

10 Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

If you enjoy camping, you’re probably a fan of the great outdoors. It’s much easier to get outside in the summer with the nice weather. Spending time outside in the winter, however, also has numerous health benefits. It’s you may have never considered the additional benefits of spending time outside. Here are a few good reasons to bundle up and get outside.

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